Take Action

For all of us in Berkshire County, LIVE UNITED means were strengthening our community by focusing on improvements in education and employment - the keys to a good life.  Our goals are clear, ambitious and attainable but only with your support.

Invest in your community. Give to Berkshire United Way. Were focused on education and employment. These are the building blocks for a good life a quality education that leads to a stable job with enough income to support a family through retirement. With your help we can make Berkshire County a community of hope and opportunity where every individual and family lives, works and thrives.

Real, sustainable improvement requires changes in public policy.  LIVE UNITED is not about Democrat vs. Republican. Its about understanding our education and employment issues and doing something about them.  Be a champion for the cause.  You can advocate in many ways speak out in support of education and employment, help someone you know who cant speak up for themselves, or wear your Live United shirt to show your support.  Be visible.  Be loud.

Want to help? Volunteers are needed for a number of activities throughout the year, most of which require no greater skill than a willingness to participate.