February 21, 2012

Pittsfield Promise in Partnership with Berkshire United Way Focuses on Grade-Level Reading Achievement

A city-wide coalition called Pittsfield Promise is pursuing improvements in grade-level reading proficiency for elementary students and has set a goal to have at least 90% of Pittsfield third graders reading at grade level by 2020. As part of its plan for reaching that goal, the group hopes to earn "All-America City" status for Pittsfield, a national initiative sponsored by the National Civic Leage, the National League of Cities, and the Campaign for Grade Level Reading.  Participation in the "All-America" effort would mean access to grade-level reading experts, funders, policymakes, models and other tools to aid Pittsfield Promise in meeting its long-term goal.

Get all the details along with a list of program partners in our news release and from the 2/21/12 Berkshire Eagle story link or pdf version.